Cardinal Financial's The Plus Group


Explore the journey behind establishing Cardinal Financial’s The Plus Group. Emerged as an independent marketing department in 2022, The Plus Group was designed to meet the increasing demand for rapid marketing solutions in the mortgage industry. By bringing printing services in-house and expediting the creative process, the goal was to provide quick and tailored support to Loan Originators. As the Senior Graphic Designer helping to lead this transformative effort, this study highlights our crucial role in shaping The Plus Group and outlines the strategies and achievements that drove this new marketing approach.


The primary aim in creating The Plus Group was to enhance efficiency by establishing a dedicated marketing team, distinct from corporate. This allowed us to swiftly cater to Loan Originators, offering tailored designs for them and their co-branded marketing with real estate agents. The integration of in-house, state-of-the-art printers expedited our processes while maintaining top-notch quality. In my role as the Senior Graphic Designer, I ensured design consistency, crafted diverse branded collateral, developed a unique divisional brand identity, and streamlined operational workflows. Our overarching goal was to elevate both the speed and quality of marketing materials, ultimately fostering a seamless and recognizable brand image.


Our strategy for achieving The Plus Group’s goals was comprehensive:

  1. Creative Team Management: Guiding the creative team to align designs with brand guidelines, catering to Loan Originators’ needs.
  2. Design Excellence: Crafting diverse collateral that resonated with brand values, effectively conveying messages.
  3. In-House Printing: Partnering with the onsite printer for quick, high-quality production.
  4. Brand Identity Development: Creating a divisional brand identity and logo with a standardized style guide.
  5. Communication Streamlining: Optimizing channels for efficient interactions within The Plus Group.


Discover our distinctive logo and dynamic interactive brand guidelines – your roadmap to elevate your brand and maintain consistency in style and messaging.


Explore our Pitchbook tailored for new home builders, showcasing The Plus Group’s top-tier marketing department, in-house printing capabilities, robust CRM, stellar operations team, and competitive products – your guide to unlocking marketing excellence for your projects.