Missouri Partnership


Empowering Missouri’s economic growth, the Missouri Partnership stands as the state’s premier business recruitment entity. In close collaboration with Elasticity, my former company, we embarked on an impactful journey to revitalize their brand identity and website, igniting new possibilities for their online presence.


In close collaboration with Elasticity, my former company, our shared mission was to elevate the Missouri Partnership’s brand identity and enhance its online presence. My contributions encompassed crafting a new, resonant logo and playing a pivotal role in shaping the website’s design for a balanced blend of aesthetics and usability. This collaborative effort aimed to empower the Missouri Partnership with a fresh visual identity, setting the stage for its digital growth.


Our strategic approach began with comprehensive conversations to discern the core themes and associations essential for rebranding. Embracing innovation, we seamlessly reimagined the historically intricate logo into a contemporary emblem that pulsates with the dynamism and future-focused spirit of the Missouri Partnership. This transformative logo symbolizes innovation, unwavering commitment, and the rich diversity of the state.


Take an immersive journey into our creative process by exploring the intricately designed logo. Engage with the interactive 3D brand style guide, a manifestation of our meticulous attention to detail and the evolution of the brand’s aesthetics.


Embark on an exploration of our homepage mockup, providing a tangible glimpse into the revitalized digital presence. It’s important to note that the live website may have evolved since the inception of this case study, reflecting the dynamic nature of online platforms.

Since the website was redesigned in 2016, some modifications have occurred since. Click on the button below to check out the website.