Missouri Wine & Grape Board


As an integral facet of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Wine and Grape Board (MWGB) was founded in 1984 with a clear mission: to cultivate research, innovation, and promotion within the realm of Missouri grapes, wines, and wineries. At its core, MWGB endeavors to ignite enthusiasm and support for Missouri’s burgeoning wine industry.


Wine inherently tells a story, one waiting to be shared. Yet, for millennials, the stories encompassing Missouri wine seemed distant. To bridge this generational gap and forge emotional bonds, our vision involved infusing the very essence of Missouri wine into the fabric of our audience’s experiences. This journey commences at the winery itself, igniting not only a passion for the wine, but for the narrative it encapsulates—the narrative of Missouri’s culture, terroir, and craftsmanship. Through a campaign seamlessly intertwining Missouri’s winery allure with millennials’ aspirations, our goal was to cultivate an indelible connection—a tale to be both tasted and shared.


Upon embracing the mantle at Elasticity, the agency I was associated with, we encountered MWGB’s foremost challenge: creating a resonating brochure to illuminate Missouri’s wineries. This brochure, a canvas for an intricately detailed winery map, was conceived as a dynamic guide, escorting enthusiasts on an interactive odyssey. Elasticity’s commitment bore fruit as we secured MWGB’s partnership for an array of creative and marketing endeavors. This collaborative journey gave rise to an innovative advertising campaign, embodying the finesse and authenticity intrinsic to local wines while seamlessly weaving in Missouri’s vibrant spirit of optimism.


Displayed below is a mockup encapsulating two pages from our publication design, exemplifying the immersive nature of our campaign.


Enter the realm of our meticulously curated winery guide, an embodiment of innovation that includes a purpose-built pocket for an intricate folded winery map. Engage with the interactive 3D flipbook, offering a tangible experience of the guide’s essence.