Missouri Wine & Grape Board


As part of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Wine and Grape Board (MWGB) was established in 1984 to support the research, development and promotion of Missouri grapes, wines and wineries. Its goals are to strengthen interest in, and patronage of, our state’s growing wine industry. 

The talented team working on this campaign helped with concepts and copy while I helped execute the design.


When you’re selling wine, what you’re really selling is a story. But Missouri wine’s stories just weren’t hitting home with millennials. To connect with that audience, we needed them to share in the experience of Missouri wine. And that experience starts at the winery.


MWGB first tasked the agency I was with at the time, Elasticity, with the design of a new, large, compelling brochure on Missouri’s wineries that incorporated an extensive and detailed map of all Missouri wineries and wine trails. Later on, the MWGB awarded all of its creative and marketing contracts to the agency, starting with an entirely new advertising campaign. The campaign, which will highlight both the craft and the quality that goes into our local wine, taps into the positive spirit of Missouri.